Bronze Compliance Package  

Monthly Rate – Call or Email for Rate
Solutions Included:
  1. Annual baseline review of current operations and their compliance with Medicare regulations and guidance.
    • Create compliance due diligence report, including a risk assessment analysis.
  2. Creation and implementation of a customized Medicare Compliance Program based on the Office of Inspector General's recommendations
    • Updates to this Compliance Program will be made as the laws, regulations, and Medicare guidance changes.
    • Monthly updates regarding changes in federal policies and procedures relating to ambulance service reimbursement.
  3. Field Crew Training regarding patient care documentation and compliance with the laws governing the ambulance service industry.
    • Includes relevant training materials and online training.
  4. Billing Office Personnel Training.
    • Includes relevant training materials.
  5. Management Training regarding company compliance with Medicare requirements.
    • Includes relevant training materials.
  6. Marketing and Business Development Staff training
    • Includes relevant training materials.
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